Equity Partners is a family owned partnership between two dutch partners, with over 30 years of presence in Switzerland.

C. Zwaan – of Rotterdam : ex-banker. Under his management (1970-1990) the business of Bank Van der Hoop, Offers N.V. of Rotterdam, underwent the important changes that paved the way to the Bank’s international expansion.
His keen view of the development of the international markets has lead to the prosperous years of business.

C. A. Zwaan – of Rotterdam : Erasmus University and his experience in international private banking in London, New York, Los Angeles, member of the management of AMRO Bank’s Geneva branch by the end of the eighties, provided him with a solid base for his reconversion to a consultant in real estate and art, in which Service is still provided in the very similar way of beforegone days.

Equity Partners’ activity finds it breakdown in the following areas of business :

- Art in ‘master paintings’
- Real Estate in Hotels and luxurious residential property in Switzerland
- Prestigious classic automobiles